Fully Electric Car from Croatia

After about 10 months after the first and sensational news about Docking (Doking) XD electric car, first ever Croatian car, we have a chance to have this car on a test and do a firsthand review. We have tested this baby several days after the end of this year’s Geneva Motor Show, where refined and polished  Docking (Doking) XD concept car has appeared for the first time in public.

After about 10 months after the first and sensational news about Docking (Doking) XD electric car, first ever Croatian car, we have a chance to have this car on a test and do a firsthand review. We have tested this baby several days after the end of this year’s Geneva Motor Show, where refined and polished Docking (Doking) XD concept car has appeared for the first time in public.

In our previous article about Docking (Doking) XD electric car, we have mentioned that it will have great autonomy according to the manufacturer, but we couldn’t be absolutely sure whether this will be true when the real car emerges. Together with the crew of the Croatian AutoKlub magazine, we had a chance to meet Docking (Doking) XD on a test stage near Micevac, because it is not yet ready to enter public roads, nor the homologation has been done.

It has been a real honor for us to test this beautifully designed car, no matter it is not yet completed with all the details. The dashboard and some other interior details were not yet completed, but this is understandable because many questions are still left unanswered in interior design area. On the other side, the exterior of the electric car is pretty much finished and completed; only minor and subtle changes are expected in the finishing stage.

Interior will have several different options, enabling accommodation of up to three passengers with king-size comfort and space inside. Even basketball players will be in their element in the Docking XD. You will be in a position to quickly change the interior, removing two rear seats and you get perfectly capable urban transport vehicle that despite its small dimensions will have huge capacity for its class. The front seat placed in the middle is also very pleasant for the body of the driver and enables total control of the situation. A lots of features are packed inside the 280cm of length and the docking (doking) XD looks and feels more comfortable and spacious that Smart and even Toyota IQ.

The suspension is not yet tuned and in its final phase, we have damaged it on the first sharp bend, but it was a small problem and we had it fixed very quickly. We couldn’t see any indicator that anything happened, because as we mentioned before, the cockpit is still not fully functional. Noises from the exterior are present inside the car, with a very little/none audio insulation. This environment friendly vehicle certainly has a chance to prove if it is worthy, but we can certainly be pleased with the real driving autonomy of 250km, exceeding (literally doubling) that of Smart Electric Drive (130km) and other similar cars.

The performance of this car is quite good, even if it weighs 1100kg. It catapults the driver and the inertia pulling him back is always present right from the start of the driving even when the accelerating pedal is not pressed to the end. The Docking (Doking) XD starts it journey without any sound and effortlessly. The performances of concept car we tested were limited to a certain extent, so we don’t damage the car when testing it to its limits. 360Nm of torque is present all the time, and the car feels like it flies. Electrical engine capable of producing 106 HP is propelling this car with ease. There was no servo-steering wheel no ABS yet, but at the current development stage, we can forgive the car!

At the end we can say, that Docking (Doking) XD car is quite a charmer and if we had a chance to take this baby to the streets, it wouldn’t pass unnoticed. Small thing to say is that everyone from the testing crew is impressed for the way it looks, it is a real beauty and world streets would be happy to serve this new sexy car if this concept ever comes to life. But at the current dynamics we are pretty confident that at some point, we will see the car in mass production and if the price is about 10,000 Euros as it was announced, the Doking company has a real winner.

At the end, we are bringing you some 3D renderings of a future project from the Doking company, named Sisak project. Even more interesting products are planned and will be released if everything goes
according to plan.

Source www.cars-10.com

80th International Motor Show – Geneva 2010

The Unavoidable XD

The first Croatian car, a comfortable and spirited urban electric XD concept, except being impossible to overlook in the Green Pavilion of the Geneva motor show (as it is displayed at the very entrance – at the Stand No.1), it is also an unavoidable example of the new automobile concepts which have been presented to the world this year.

Geneva, 5.3.2010 – Among over 60 ‘vehicles of the future’ from all over the world, at the very entrance to the Green Pavilion of the Geneva motor show stands out the Croatian XD concept of the Zagreb Doking. It has been pointed out in organizer’s official reports as an example of good approach in electric car concepts, defying the generally established opinion qualifying them as slow and uncomfortable. It has drawn a great attention of both the visitors and investors the very opening day, as reported by a great number of media.

As the beginning of its world debut it looks more than encouraging, it is stressed in Doking. Their vision that the world needs to be presented with an attractive, comfortable and spirited urban car, ‘battery powered’ of great autonomy, has proved to be right. In this small in length but attractive body of XD, there is a power of the sports car which by a touch screen display may be changed to the economic one suitable for urban driving, when on 100 kilometres its consumption is in the range of mere 7 HRK (1 €) for electric energy, or respectively the cost of one litre of petrol and with one charging it achieves up to 250 km.

Judging by first reactions of the world automobile industry representatives, visitors, the expert public and all those following the Geneva motor show via internet and other media, among the most impressive features of the Zagreb XD is the self-confident appearance of its likable round body, gull-wing doors, unique rear signal lights in the shape of letter ‘X’ and the spacious interior owing mostly to an interesting disposition of seats – the driver in front in the middle of the car, and the passengers sideways behind him, which gives all of them a lot of space. This is confirmed also by the first results of the opinion survey carried out by Doking both on the motor show as via internet (xdconcept.com).

Although it is a bit early to give a complete estimate of our success among 250 exponents from ca. thirty countries participating at the 80th International Geneva Motor Show, which according to expectations will be visited by over 700.000 spectators, we think that the initial recognition of Croatia as the one among those who offered the automobile world a new fresh idea is a great tribute to our technical and intellectual capital, it is stressed by Doking.

Our hearts greatly rejoiced in reactions of Italian designers, which have been enthusiastic about the emotional design of the organic form of XD to such extent that they would like to have it in their production plants, says Mr. Vjekoslav Majetić, the conceptual creator and chief design engineer of XD and director of Doking, adding: It has been the result of having faith in our own potentials and in our team of young talented experts with hearts same as that of our sportsmen whose fire and enthusiasm makes them win the Olympic medals and beat the ‘bigs’ at the world contests.

It is to our great pleasure, continues Mr. Majetić, that not only many renowned world automobile producers had been surprised by our courage and enthusiasm with which we have completed this prototype within according to them impossibly short term, but we have also very positive reactions from potential investors in XD project, who have initiated business meetings with us on the very first day of the show, leading us to hope that its future serial production may begin soon. The most frequent words of the visitors of our stand have been, quote: „When and where”?

Source xdconcept.com

Croatian TV News about Docking Car

The Worldwide Observer

XD Concept Electric Car

The XD is a concept electric vehicle that seats three adults and has a powerful electric engine that is capable of achieving 0-100 km/hr in 7.7 seconds.  The XD combines the most attractive features of a city car in an attractive package.  The small length (2.8 meters), comfortable interior (width 1. 7 meters, height 1.6 meters), and performance of a compact sports vehicle (0-100 km/hr in 7.7 seconds) is sure to get the attention of investors and car enthusiasts alike.  Let’s not forget that all this comes with 0 CO2 emissions.

In designing the XD, DOK-ING used its experience as a global leader in manufacturing specialized vehicles.  Technology developed in manufacturing remote-controlled, diesel, hybrid, and electric powered machines  for the demining and underground mining industries proved to be key to finding the right components for the electric car.

Source doking.xdconcept.com

Croatian TV News about Docking Car


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